This was the final logo chosen by the client.
This was my original logo design.
I designed this to look like an International sign. The mark really speaks for itself, very iconic, clean and straight to the point.
This is the same concept as the prior one but the lines are not perfect, giving it a real personal feeling, almost like it was hand drawn or stamped a hundred years ago. This could also be done without the gray tones if need be.
Using the torch element again, this logo connects the name Borene with the icon, giving it more of a unified or connected look.
In our early meetings the client discussed how they liked the idea of a bridge linking two continents together. At first glance this appears to be the head of the Statue of Liberty, but look closely at the spikes and you'll see a bridge that wraps around the globe.
Another variation that could be used for smaller applications.
The client also explained their admiration for the Olympics and Audi logos. This interpratation has seven spheres representing the seven continents aligned in a circle, with BORENE linking them together. This could also be done without the gray tones or with color added for dynamics.
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